I enlisted in the U.S. Army after graduating from high school in 2002. I served as a Cavalry Scout with the First Cavalry Division and served two tours of duty in Iraq. The army taught me to be a leader who takes the ideas from those around them, and put the best ones into action.

Family Man

My wife Rachel and son Daxton provide inspiration for me wanting to make Michigan better. Rachel is the strongest woman I've ever met and Daxton is the most persistent child in the world. It's his persistence and her strength that I will take with me to Lansing to ensure Michigan becomes one of the strongest states in the country.


Assistant Prosecutor

For three years I've had the privilege of representing the people of the state of Michigan in various trial courts across the state, the Court of Appeals, and Michigan's Supreme Court.

My time working in Ionia as well as various other prosecuting attorney offices while interning has given me a wonderful sense of accomplishment, I love being able to represent and help protect the people of Michigan.

A clear understanding of Michigan's laws is instrumental to improve Michigan's justice system at the senate level - I want to be the one that brings this knowledge to the senate in a fight for reform.


My family and I love serving our community. One of the most rewarding volunteer experiences is when I get the opportunity to work with Eastern Michigan University’s Mock Trial team and Michigan State College of Law’s Moot Court teams.