Outrageous Auto Insurance Rates

I was shocked last week to read a study showed widows and other women in Brighton are being charged more for auto insurance than men with the same driving records. I think that’s wrong! And Michigan law forbids it.

If I were in the State Senate today, I’d call those insurance companies on the carpet and find out what’s going on. I’d do everything I could to put a stop to unfair pricing uncovered by the Coalition to Protect Auto No-Fault study.

But my likely opponent thinks differently. And why not? She attacked the study. As chair of the House Insurance Committee, she rakes in thousands of dollars in campaign donations from auto insurance PACs.

Our auto insurance rates are sky high. Now more than ever we need someone to go to Lansing who will fight for the people instead of taking the side of the insurance companies.

If Republicans won’t stand up for widows, it’s time for them to go.

Please donate today so I can fight for you in Lansing