A good education is a necessary foundation to success. I believe every child deserves access to great schools and enrichment programs to prepare them for entering the workforce.

Livingston and Washtenaw Counties have a good public school model that should be replicated across the state - but our teachers deserve better.


The solution to Michigan's infrastructure problem begins with good leadership. I am committed to finding and implementing the solutions for a resilient infrastructure. A fair tax distribution is necessary to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and make Michigan a competitive player in the global economy.

Justice Reform

Locking up nonviolent offenders for minor infractions or for being unable to afford fines is a waste of money and lives.

Our criminal justice needs to be reformed to provide appropriate sentencing guidelines and effective rehabilitation for those imprisoned.


Michigan needs stronger, not weaker, environmental protections. I believe that the DEQ must focus on protecting our air and water rather than on promoting fracking and new pipelines.


Too few people vote in Michigan, especially in non-presidential years. I believe it should be made easier, not harder, to vote.  Restrictions on voting make it easier for Lansing to ignore our needs.


Fair Wages

Every hardworking employee deserves a fair and decent wage. Michigan’s minimum wage needs to be raised to ensure families are able to live without having to depend on government assistance.